Alicante Bike Hire CB is a Spanish company with IVA(VAT) number E54878202. All our prices include 21% IVA.

All bikemodels we have you will find under BIKE HIRE. You will here find prices and delivery area. Our office is in Torrevieja, 50 km south from Alicante airport. We dont have any shop with openingtimes.  Normally we deliver bikes only between Alicante centrum and Los Alcazares in south.
All bikes is delivered with pedals, 2 bottleholder(no bottles), saddlebag with 1 tube and tyrelevers. If you want we can deliver with a tool, Garmin holder, please indicate model, and a Co2 cartridge and trigger. If you want to rent a helmet leave a note in the meassage box when booking your rentalbike. Or note us by email. We have aircartridge, tubes, Garminholder and bottles with us in the car. But it is nice if you send us a mail about what you need. You find it in the SHOP.

Booking.Boooking only trough our booking site, there we will have what we need for delivery of the bike. The booking site will not show which bikes are available. We must always confirm your booking. Dont use Facebook, Instagram or Whats App for booking. You will also  see our terms on your site. Within 24 hours we will answer on your booking or mail. If not, send a reminder to us. When we have confirmed the booking, the bike will be reserved for 24 hours untill we have your answer. In periods all our bikes are rented out. Specially in the period March-end of May, and July/beginning of August. September/October is also a busy period. We need height and seatheight for choosing correct size. If it is several bikes we need full name on all cyclists.

Our responsibility:

We will provide you with the bike in a reasonable condition . Before delivery we will undertake a full inspection and maintenance of the bike including brakes, tyres, gears and frame.

Alicante Bike Hire is not responsible for the following occurences during the bike rental: Punctures, broken spokes, broken chains, broken derailleurs, wheel rim damage, gear tune ups and other damage beyond the control of Alicante Bike Hire. We strongly recommend that you have some basic bicycle maintenance knowledge. A list of the closest bike shops can be provided on request.

We will try to replace any bikes within 24 hours that suffer of mechanical failure or will come and repair the bike.

Reservations for events with us.

We are a small company with few employees. If we are hit by a sudden serious accident and/or illness/death, we reserve the right not to deliver bicycles. We will try to inform about this if possible. In that case, we will try to inform other rental companies if they can take over our customers. We are not financially responsible if ordered bicycles are not delivered.

The bike is NOT  insured, spanish insurancecompanies will not insure rental bikes. So the bike is your responsibility if it is stolen or damaged. Please cheque with your insurancecompany before you come. Some have also insurance in their creditcard. Dont leave the bike at the street or outside restaurants unguarded. Have it also inside your apartment both in night and day. If the bike is stolen you must give a report to Guardia Civil. GC in Torrevieja have english translator from 9.00. If something happens with the bike under your rentalperiod you must inform us about it when we pickup the bike.

We deliver and pickup the bike at your place. That is included in the price if it is according to our deliveryareas.  Normally every days in the week. Delivery in the morning between 08.15 and 11.00, pickup in the evening between 16.00 and 19.00. It is important that you give us a correct address, with streetname, number and city. If we shall deliver the bike the same day as you come we must have your flightdetails. Delivery and pickup in the middle of the day only as agreed at booking.  If you give us seatheight(cm from center crank to top saddle along the saddletube) we will adjust the bike before we come. Please have your telephone on when you are waiting for the bike. Other times for delivery and pickup only after appointment.

We will have payment for the bikerental when we deliver the bike. We have a bankterminal with us so you can use your creditcard. We can also take cash.

Bike maintena
The bike is delivered with Squirt wax for the chain . If you have rain on your stay we recommend that you use wax on the chain. Normal bikewash is included, but if very dirty with sand and mud you MUST washand  use some wax after. Very dirty bikes will be charged with 20 euro. The rust is coming fast here and always use oil after rain. Please handle the bike as it was yours. You will be supplied with a bottle of Squirt wax.

You can get maps from us with suggestions of routes from your place. You can also go to Kjell Storerud`s profile on Strava. You find some routes also under Routes.

Someone to bike with  (updated 26.11.22)
It is several groups in the area which bike together. In Villa Martin(Orihuela Costa) . You find Grupo La Zenia   It is cyclists from different countries and they have groups with different levels. In Villa Martin you also have , coffeebar with cycling clothes and grouprides.

For people from  Sweden we have this group :

For people from Norway:

If you are staying in Gran Alacant/Santa Pola area :

Grupeta Internacional Torrevieja en Bici

It is heavy traffic on the main roads, but quite on the smaller roads. Saturday and Sunday have less traffic. We never use the coastway N-332. It is a lot of canalroads in the area with almost no traffic.  Remember to follow spanish traffic regulations. Stop at red light and act like a car in the roundabouts.

Bike shops
It is several bikeshops in the area. In Torrevieja you have Bikemania and Interbike. In Almoradi you have Bicicosta.  Lovelo Coffee Ride sell bike clothing and small parts. Bicicosta in Almoradi is the biggest shop in the area.

The Spanish weather can you follow here on El Tiempo.

If you need medical help call emergency number 112(no  countrynumber), they speak English. If problems with the bike call us on 0034 693712495. We will try to help you as fast as possible.

Only information for the Spanish Government/Generalitat Valenciana about PLAN MOVES III  FOR electric cars:

Alicante Bike Hire ha recibido una ayuda de Euro 2900 para compra vehiculo electrico segun subvencionado de la Union Europea con cargo al Fondo NextGenerationEU, en el marco del Plan de Recuperacion , Trasformacion y FResilienca, para la adquisicion de vehiculos electricos “enchufables” y de pila combustible dentro del Programa de incentivos a la movilidad eficiente y sostenible(Programa MOVES III Vehiculos Comunitat Valenciana) del Ministerio para la Transicion Ecologica y el Reto Demografico a traves del IDAE, gestionado por el Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresearial(IVACE).

Moves III - ICH